The Blakeney Gazette was originally an online newsletter which began in 2009 with the purpose of being a central location of information for descendants researching the life and family of Capt. John Blakeney of Chesterfield County, SC. 

The intent was to provide a place for researchers to send any new information they uncovered, as well as encouraging researchers to actually visit archives when possible and start looking through any original source material that might be out there.  Simply rehashing information that had been repeated in numerous online family trees (often incorrectly or without any documentation whatsoever) was not what the newsletter was about.

Some new information did come to me from researchers who had uncovered items or bits of information that had been previously unknown.  The newsletter was intended to be a group project, reflecting the research of many of those looking into the life and family of John Blakeney.  The number of submissions from others didn’t match expectiations, however, and soon became a mad dash to find enough information to fill a newsletter.  The Gazette, in its original form, ended in 2011.

I believe the idea is still valid – providing a central location where information and theories can be exchanged, advancing our knowledge about this family.  This is why I decided to reinvent the Blakeney Gazette.  Taking it to a blog format, instead of a full, edited newsletter in PDF format, allows for ideas and information to be posted when it’s available, either one item at a time, or longer essays. 

If you are researching Capt. John Blakeney, I hope you will share your research, and hopefully you will find useful information as well.

Please note, however, that I am NOT interested in receiving or publishing the following:

– the names of “parents” of Capt. John Blakeney, unless it is accompanied by original documentation (a copy of a will, etc.).  Many theories have been published in numerous online family trees, but not one person has provided any documentation.

– the information copied from Capt. John Blakeney’s monument in Pageland, Chesterfield County, SC.  Not only do I have that information, but it doesn’t count as original documentation, since it has only been there since about 1960.  It is impressive, but it is not definitive.

– information copied from “The Blakeneys in America” by John O. Blakeney.  I already have a copy.

Thank you, and I hope you will find this little blog useful.


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. I think this is an excellent idea, though it looks like I am the only person who has commented! My wife is a double-descendant of Capt. John Blakeney, tracing her ancestry back through both sons William and John, Jr. I worked on the family a lot abut 15-20 years ago, but haven’t looked at it in many years. In a recent reorganization of my files, I have not been able to find my material on the Blakeneys. So, I am starting over (at least for now). I think reading through the issues of the Blakeney Gazette will be a good place to start! Thanks so much, Best, Terry Cowan


    • Sarah Miller said:

      Dear Sir-
      Is there any chance that I could ask you some questions regarding the William Blakeney line? I too am a descendent of William Blakeney and am attempting to find some information for my DAR application.


      • Hello – I’m sorry, I only just found your post. I’m not sure how much I can help, since I haven’t researched William Blakeney’s descendants as much as my own, but if you have some specific questions, I can try, or possibly point you in another direction that might help.


  2. Laurie Johnson said:

    Just having some fun digging around through some geneology sites and found out I am a descendant of Capt John Blakeney! I’d love to hear more about what seems like the interesting life he lead! What is the best way to find out about him??? Thanks! Laurie


    • Hi Laurie – which of his children are you descended from? My ancestor is his youngest child, Hugh. There was a book written back in the 1920’s called “The Blakeneys in America,” which documents his family, although copies are very hard to come by. There is quite a bit of information available on the internet, but be very wary of a lot of it. Much of it was posted with no documentation, and a lot of it is inaccurate – if anyone tells you they know exactly who his parents were, don’t believe it. No documentation has been found to prove it. A lot the information you will find is very general information, but should give you a basic idea of his life and family.


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