I’m glad you have found your way to this site, and I certainly hope you have found some new and interesting information that you may not have had before.  That is, after all, what the website is ultimately about.

However – and that is a very big HOWEVER – I hope that as a descendant of the John Blakeney family (assuming most of you who stumble onto this site are) you will also understand that it is the responsibility of everyone who is researching this family to also share what you have as well.  More specifically, if you have information, photographs, documents, etc. that others may not have, I certainly consider it your responsibility to contribute to extending the documented history that all of us can share in.

This also means that any of you who are in close proximity to any of the archives, libraries, or any other places where documentation may lay undiscovered should make it your goal to visit these institutions and see if there are any dusty, long-forgotten documents that can help fill in the gaps, and hopefully take us in new directions in our research.

The South Carolina Archives are certainly a good place to start.  For anyone living near the University of South Carolina, I have been told by another researcher several years back that his communication with someone high up in the chain of command at the South Caroliniana Library (http://library.sc.edu/p/Collections/SCL?) revealed that there are boxes of unindexed records pertaining to the areas where the Blakeneys lived – and from their time period – that have survived destruction, and which may possibly yield some treasures of information.  This person was able to get copies of documents showing that Captain John died long before 1832.  Who knows what else is buried there?

While I would love to visit the archives and library and do my own digging, living in the north eastern US does make that very difficult.

Another reason for contributing to our shared history is that without it, this blog – as happened with my “Blakeney Gazette” newsletter, published between 2009 and 2010 – will become just my point of view on Blakeney genealogy, and will become a very meager offering as time goes on.  Little advancement in our knowledge will ultimately be made.  Of course, I am focused more on my own branch, and there just isn’t the time for one person to delve into all branches of the Blakeney history.

What is in your own personal archives?  Do you have old photographs of your Blakeney line, which have never been shared online?  Do you have old newspaper articles relating to a Blakeney ancestor turning to dust in an old scrapbook (the article, not the ancestor)?  Please let us all see it and add it to our collective family history.

What we are NOT looking for here;  please do not copy an undocumented family tree from the internet that shows Capt. John’s “parents.”  Unless you have documentation, I won’t post it here.  Also, I have seen the information from Capt. John’s monument in South Carolina many times – no need to send it again.

I hope most of you will take this as a means of urging you on to actually go out there and find things that have not been found before, and share them.  Even with all of the records from Capt. John’s time that have been destroyed, along with records relating to many family lines of his descendants, it is still a fascinating family history.  Let’s see if we can see what else is out there and make it even more interesting.  Have it?  Send it!  I’ll share it.